Your Desire

I shall gladly take on any task as a virtual assistant to which you can devote little if any of your precious time.

Concierge Service

  • Propose and bring gift ideas to life
  • Make any sort of reservations
  • Phone support during leaves or absence periods
  • Coordination of domestic staff (e.g., babysitter, cleaning service, gardener, cook etc.)
  • Support service/VIP service

… and other tasks that you must monitor closely.

Virtual Assistance

  • Research and compare prices
  • Find properties and apartments
  • Secretarial work
  • Preparatory accounting
  • Manage orders, bookings, and bills
  • Document procurement, preparation for registrations, translations, permits etc.

… and any other tasks that you would like to delegate.


  • Calendar management / mailbox processing / schedule appointments
  • Organise travel/social programmes
  • Plan and hold unforgettable events/family celebrations
  • Caring logistic support in the case of a bereavement
  • Upkeep of holiday properties/secondary residences
  • Property management and monetisation e.g., rent via Airbnb

… and any other tasks that you wish to hand over.